I’m Paz, a third year Graphic Design student in Falmouth, Cornwall and passionate about UX and interaction design. The opportunity to receive a student bursary to finally attend UX London excites me so much that I decided to make this little website to demonstrate my enthusiasm. It may sound desperate but that’s only because I’m really hungry.

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I’m much nicer than this Little Shop of Horrors reference might suggest – but I’m just as hungry as Audrey II.



I’m hungry for new ideas, knowledge and inspiration. I’m craving conversations with other UX enthusiasts. Studying in a remote part of the country, I’m starving for networking opportunities – especially in the last semester of my course, when I’m about to be released into the wild.

UX London opportunity

  • wisdom
  • inspiration
  • networking
  • conversations
  • new opportunities
  • awesome
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Tuck in!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to crave human flesh when you feed me, but I might get insanely creative. These are some examples of what happens when I get the opportunity to feast on some inspiration, wisdom and conversations.


Feed me!

I hope this inspires you to care for a tender plant with the desire to grow and take roots in the UX and interaction design jungle.

Rest assured that, unlike Audrey II, I’m on the good side and will make sure that the opportunities I’m fed are assimilated into awesomeness and shared so that others can benefit.